2 Mar 2013

The seven sins of PXL skins

I m always excited when I open my fortune cookie at my fave chinese restaurant.
 In a way I think there is some truth in that but most of the times it s just too funny what you get to read and no matter how much you ve eaten you go home with a smile.
You can have the same kinda fun when you go for gachas. PXL has released the 7 Sins skins based on the previous released skin Kate.
So what do we have... envy, greed and lust... there also is sloth and pride. 
There is wrath and finally gluttony. I d take one out tbh and leave you guys with six sins. It s enough to work your way around, isn t it? 

I m wearing "Pride" here as I always favour the nude looks in make-ups.

The gachas are 99L per play and you can find the Seven Sins in the Gacha Tent in Pxl mainstore
So grab the cab and get your own personal deadly sin to pimp up your weekend ;)

If you re interested in joining the ViP group, here s how to do it:

1) The VIP group joiner is in entrance of the PXL mainstore
2) There is a VIP  sign that has instructions on how to join the group and directions to the TP to the VIP room
3) Once you join and TP to the VIP room, all you have to do is left click on the VIP group gift panel to get the gift.

Enjoy your cookies,

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