16 Apr 2013

New PXL release

After the prelease of Sophia last november PXL Creations finally releases the complete skinline. 
It s an utterly beautiful and highly detailed skin. 
I just have to show this awesome skin in the nude. I hope you understand ;)
With the newly released skin appliers for sLink mesh hands, feet and Tangos you can match 
any of the original pxl skintones and look seamingless stunning. 
I am wearing the skintone olive.

hair: Magika
click to enlarge

Anyway ... 

earrings & dress: Zibska
hair: Boon
Ado: Zooby

Mr. de Winter vanished, my dog. I noticed this morning he wasn t sleeping in his usual place on the portio. Also wasn t in the inventory. lol. - No, dont feel sorry, he does that from time to time. He roams the streets and does whatever dogs do. I wasn t too worried but I did look around the sim a bit because you never know what or who you will run into or pick up. And you know what? I did pick up something. I picked up a pug. 
He was just sitting there looking at me. I am not particuarly fond of pugs... but something made me lift him up and dunno what happened when we looked eachother in the eye - It was one of those moments :) 
"Gawwwd, he `s so.. scary.." I thought. I bet these dogs never smile.  
"Well, your can stay, sure."  I heard myself say,  "Mr. de Winter will be back soon I m sure and then you ll have someone to play with. He is like that you know, a roamer - very independant- but he always comes back. I have stopped worrying you know. 
It s always been much ado about nothing in the end." 
At this moment I realized I was talking to a pile of prims. 
But I found its name :) Go figure.

Hills ;)

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