29 Apr 2013

Postcards from the poolside

Hmmm .. summerwinds, soft breezes and lemon icetea :)
I m in love with short hair atm. Normaly I prefer long hair but 
since I ve discovered this cute hairdo at the boon store I m all for it. 
And I adore these shoes from Similar

shoes ~ "Lucca"/ Similar Footwear

I have had a few requests about the location where I took these pictures. I had came across this very lovely pool when I visited 
the Iconic hair store a few days back and was so amazed. 
The pool can be found behind the store and is part of the 
Iconic club Besos.
Contrary to what you might expect it is not made of mesh at all. 
It s actually made of oldfashioned prims and textures but looks absolutely stunning
Jay droppped over and got all excited about the place too. 
So we threw in some poses before falling into the water.

dress ~ Coldlogic
skin ~ Redgrave

For Jay`s outfit please check his fabulous blog!

hair ~ Boon

Hope you re having a lovely week,

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