13 May 2013

Eleventh Hour

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting River Stromfield  in order to interview him for the next 
issue of Tune Magazine. He did reveal some secrets about his crazy life 
as blogger and creator of the new label Eleventh Hour
I had to promise him to leave out the scandal parts and affairs that his attorney 
is currently dealing with so....
you guys will have to wait until the magazine comes out....
I m so sorry. But meanwhile you are free to take a look at the mainstore 
and Rivers great furniture :)
 - if ya dare I mean...

bookshelves + table +
"Metro" sofa and chair ~ Eleventh Hour
 hair ~ Aibeard
sweater ~ Ryvolter
building ~ Seattle skybox by Scarlet creative

see? I risked my life, that beard was scary!

Have a good week,

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