23 May 2013

A friday to remember

This friday is going to be quite eventful. Two things you might want to check out:
 the MNML event that is opening its doors tomorrow on the 24th only a few hours before Gol 9th opens its doors. 
A few months ago Dakota Neumann sold his former club Gol 8th  and shortly after that started working on his new club which will open as well on that very day. Dakotas club-design is surely worth a visit as the brand GOL stands for unique design and creation. 

When you tp in the first impression you get is that the wellknown GoL-feeling is still there, although the new club build is on a diffrent sim than the 8th. The asymethrically build entrance is most impressive and gives you a first glimpse of the 
amazing talent of the builder behind it.
What I love about the club is the open-air feeling you get inside which is so very diffrent from the former club that gave you the impression of being somewhat underground. This club is instead appears huge because of the open ceiling - even though it is actually smaller!
Dear Dakota certainly did a most amazing job with this club once more.
Another thing I need to mention is the huuuuge  one-piece texture inside the club which goes from one side to the other actually and must be 50 meters long at least! Lol
By doing so and with the images merging with the background of the walls the texture appears more like surrounding you like environment rather than being simply decorative sidewalls. The movement so draws you in.
I don t think this has been done before in sl building tbh, correct me if I m wrong.
GoL 9th is one more example for unique and masterly GoL-Design and of its passionate builder.

You guys have to go see for yourselves if you will have a chance to work your way through the crowd that is - haha ;)

So this friday you might want 
to explore the wonderfully created sim of the MNML event and grab a few goodies 
before you jump down to  the club to shake your prefered bodyparts ;)
Amongst other designers who are taking part in the MNML event are [sYs] Design and Zibska :)

necklace Pavla ~ Zibska
dress Emei ~ Zibska
Gem bustier ~ [sYs] Design
More about the event coming up on this site soon.
Have fun exploring :)

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