28 May 2013

Communications meme

Oh dear, now I ve read on Strawberries current meme, that she is planning something reeeally challenging for next week.
I hardly keep track of all her memes but I love doing them whenever I can. This week`s meme is a  is a piece of cake and I ll take it as a warm-up. I m up to that for sure ;)

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post, delete my answers and input your own. All of your answers should reflect your activity within Second Life. 
  1. Who did you speak to last inworld today? Hm.. two ppl actually. Dak and Willy. (these sound like two Disney characters, dont they? - lol)
  2. Who has taught you most about SL? Chilly Meiller. She made me socialize in sl as I was a little bit of creating nerd in the beginning of my sl. Chilli made me go to clubs and showed me the art of gesturing - lol. It s all her fault that I am a passionate party-chick - at least sometimes;)  Amelia Marialla made me take up my first job as manager at Scoutlounge which also taught me a lot.
  3. Who do you turn to for help? Hm that s a toughy  I have to think hard. I think most things I find out by myself. I taught myself to build or create stuff. A friend I can always turn to and ask for advice  in all matters (lol) is Cage Yue.  
  4. Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list? Cage Yue!
  5. Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL?:  Yes, I do. I use facebook, Gtalk and flickr. To closest friends via phone.
  6. Are you part of a community or family inworld? Well my oldest friends I concider my sl family. I don t do roleplay and I m not part of a community.
  7. Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld? I have to admit I am alone most of the time as I concentrate on things I work on. I meet ppl for photoshoots or interviews for the magazine Tune or whenever I accidentaly reply to a tp into a club lol. That is actually huge fun when you by mistake hit that button while being in the middle of getting changed and half your cothes havent rezzed yet. You get a lot of laughs ;) But I actually love that since I dont mind making a fool of myself. SL shouldnt be taken too seriously after all and I love the unexpected moments and funny situations.
Have fun!

skin: No button`s 
dress: shi
necklace: Kunglers Couture
hair: tram
shoes: Ryvolter


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