1 May 2013

Lumiya for phone and tablet

Only a few weeks ago I read on the Firestorm notices that since the 1st of april there is this new app for android devices,
 blackberrys and windows phones called Lumiya
Since I am crazy for both - SL and my android phone - I jumped to the occasion and downloaded from my playstore.

With Lumiya you can do almost everything that you do with your PC.
In contrast to the previous app Mobile Grid Client which was nice for chatting with the friendslist and ppl nearby
Lumiya offers a lot more features. You can for instance access the inventory, interact with objects, activate and communicate with your groups.

 The most fun feature of course is the 3D interface. If you re using one of the newer smartphones with a large screen 
as for instance the Galaxy S III (like me) then it is quite comfortable and fun to use.

3D view on phone  

                          login interface on phone                    

3D view on tablet

The wide variety of functions Lumiya provides is quite impressive. 
Over the 3D view you can manage objects, tp home, edit the media and viewer settings and land tools.
You can create landmarks, create and open folders and notecards. When you open the inventory and mark an objects you can even rez it!

If you have groups to manage you can send group-notices, create notecards and also attach items to those messages.

Its even possible to interact with objects like sitting on nearby objects and opening the content

 If you like to get a little more information about Lumiya you might want to take a look at the video on youTube.

Have fun discovering!
Hills :)

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