22 May 2013

Melt my heart ...

It s no secret that I am no particular fan of accessories although I know it s the little details that make a difference. When I look at my fellow bloggers and stylists which second life has so many of I do admire that ability to put a great look together or combine items to create something unique and new. But its just not me. Although.. I have to make one exception of course when it comes to the fabulous lable Zibska and Zibs knows I d walk a 1000 miles for the latest Zibska release (which you literally have to when you visit her huge mainstore - lol). 
Only this time I decided to go for this lovely suit "Chloe". It s available in four colours and it s the perfect piece if you want something comfy and fast to jump into :) I think I found my new favorite suit for this season.
Another store you might want to discover is tram. The store is quite small but very cute and so is the sim. You can find a few clothes and hairdos there which are remakably adorable. 
A pile of those went straight into my inventory where they will stay 
because we all know one thing about SL: to have is to be...

Okeee: skin.
The skin is from Ryuukou, a label I hadn t been aware of until only recently. 
The variety of skins is small but quite unique and I almost feel like keeping the secret! haha. But as we all know SL is also about sharing an caring, so go get your own ryuukou skin if you must ;) I m in love with them already. (Thank you, Eira ;))

The last item I d like to show is this cute ring I found at Collabor88, made for the romantic moments in life ;) ... geez romance - isn t that exactly the thing for you? 
It certainly is for me. Two days ago I was watching "The bridges of Madison County" on tv. It s one of those movies you watch over and over again - maybe with a few years inbetween - and each time you do you hope that this time they come up  with a happier ending.
But of course they wont. Instead you find yourself wiping tears off your cheek every half hour because it is just sooo romantic and beautiful. Also you discover new depth, some new truth you can relate to when you watch it anew. 
And this time Clint Eastwood killed me when he says to Francesca: "I don't want to need you, 'cause I can't have you." - Gaaahhhd!!

Anyway, that s romantic movies for you. If you can t get your hands on the dvd right now, go grab this cutie ring instead! lol. It ll melt your heart as well, I promise ;)

skin "Opal" ~ ryuukou
hair ~ tram
ring "melt my heart" ~ by Aux @ Collabor88
suit "Chloe" ~ Zibska
building ~ "Seattle" skybox by Scarlet Creative

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