30 May 2013

Primavera !

Kunglers Couture releases the Primavera jewlery collection. This is such a lovely set of jewlery! Taking up the nature theme Ava created three beautiful sets with butterflies, flowers and bees - geeeeez ;)
Spring means bright colours, joy, being flirty and just celebrating the richness of life.
I actually went nuts on taking pics :))

If you dont have spring where you live, remember that the sun always shines on SL ;)

Apis earrings (Primavera collection) ~ Kunglers NEW!
hair C407 ~ tram
make-up ~ Zibska

Gaia ring and necklace ~ Kunglers 
Khloris necklace & ring ~ Kunglers

pants "Whisper" ~ Lpd
skin "Liv" ~ Redgrave
pumps ~ ryvolter 

Have a lovely weekend,
Hills :)

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