Acrostic poem meme - I twist and turn....

dress: Baiastice @ Fameshed

Somewhere during march I have begun taking up the weekly meme challenges which Strawberry Singh 
initializes each week on her blog. 
The list of participating bloggers is long as they all link their pages back to Berries site. 
I dont manage to do all memes but it s always fun when I can join in. 
But since last week I have been a little worried... She said it s gonna be tough this week to take part... )
Sooooo - ok. I waited and worried... Today  I read it... And I must say: it s a toughy since we re transforming into Berry`s students now. 
She picked a task which she normally hits her students over the head with at rl work. 
So I hope she doesn t teach plumming  ... ;) 
As long as it`s fun ! 

If you re interested and want to take part as well, here`s how it works: 
Acrostic poem is this week`s challenge; that means you choose a word and 
take each single letter of that word and make it the beginning of the lines of the poem. In this case it s two words: 

1. your first name, 
2.  Second Life.

See what you can make of that. You dont have to be a poet... 
but I m sure it helps. lol
I am certainly no poet, plus: english is not my native language! 
So no need to feel sorry about my failure...
it is inevitable ;)

Acrostic poems

poem #1:

Hellraisers mommy poppy*
I just have no clue here - what am I supposed to do ??
Let s pretend I know what this poem`s about
Let s rather make fun and laugh out so loud!
Acrostic poetry will stay in my head
Not a sensemaking line I shall write down instead
You re on your own with this one, Berry !!

poem #2:
 "Second Life"

Seeking adventure
Exploring the self
Crashes included- all free! Have a share ;)
On lappy or mobile`s running rather lame
No wonder we love it however just the same!
Don’t you ever declare that a
Life with out 3D expression
Is a life not worth living
Free your mind over matter
Evolve and advance 

*(dunno if this expression exists. I made it up just now)

Ok, that`s all folks. I tried my best :))