14 Jun 2013

baby you can drive my bike ..

Yes we can! Drive a bike I mean.
I know some men would say that these kind of activities
don t suit a lady... since I am a lady ( I have been called that lately)
 I can proove those prejudices wrong. Ladies do drive bikes...
they take them to the city-centre
 (actually it s not THAT important if you have the motor running or not...the damn thing does have wheels, doesn t it..)
*rolles eyes*
So you get the...thing...I mean BIKE where you need it, park it...
with an elegant smile of course...:)

Policemen do like to be charmed by an occasional smile I ve heard...
and when you return from your shopping and your charm was effective enough
(dont forget to practice at home, ladies!) to make the friendly policeman wait next to your
geez...*thinks*... BIKE (thats the name..lol) until you re done shopping
you can actually put all your purchases on top of it :)

 Success :)) !!
HUGE smile !!

So who said we cant...- we can. And we do even more.
We send the bill to our boyfriends address :)
Make him see what he gets from saying, we can t...;)

 HisChopper by HisPose
shirt - emery
earrings - Kunglers
pants - OrsiniRed
hair- eaters coma
location - Maifair

Have a lovely friday,

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