5 Jun 2013

I see your jealousy

Countdown is a very productive label. 
When you visit the mainstore you dont know where to stop looking and start buying!  ;) 
you just want the whole store!

dress: "I see your jealousy" gown

If you re short on cash though, start with the floppy hat ;) It will safe you 
a loooot of money if you re not able to see it all ;)

hat: "Floppy" hat

What I like especially about this label is that Antonia takes the best of everything: Flexisprims as well as sculpties and mesh! Antonia combines all three so easily and makes them fit together so well that you just cannot tell one from the other :)
The three new cocktail dresses are a nice exsample for this. 
The skirts are flexi prims :)

Make sure you grab this amazing groupgift. I love the transperant look of the mesh-skirt. That s very sexy!

Candance Gold Gown ~ Countdown groupgift june
clutch ~ handwerk
necklace ~ glow studio
all hair ~ tram
shoes ~ n-core

Have a great...-- well...
whatever it is you re having :)

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