9 Jun 2013

My guitar and the cleaning woman...

It`s sunday :)
It`s the weekend and it´s sunny:)

I picked up so many cute items at Fameshed and the Arcade  that I can t help but smile. At some point I unpacked my stuff and omg I think I even lost my overview! 
Thank god I do have a personalized cleaning woman, who never gets tired of cleaning up sims after me. 
She is called "your item got returned to your inventory by v...r... (vacuumcleaner )" 

Ok so, this wonderful guitar I picked up at the Arcade. It even comes with animation but you should try for yourselves when nobody is looking ;)
More lovely items like the box of poetry for your next garden-party can be grabbed from Scarlet Creative. The garden chairs and sandbox can be found at Fameshed and is by Cheeky Pea.

The cute bikini and those sexy denim jeans are from OrsiniRed,
the short hairstyle is from tram, the long hairstyle from Eaters Coma.

And those shoes, omg!! I found those at Just Design. A lovely pair of wedges with quite a number of texture change options. I love wedges, they can be combined with diffrent styles and the re sexy. The Armelle Diva glasses are from Diram, my skin is the awesome Opal in the warmsand skintone by Ryuukou.  A great skin label.

So far the sunny news for today :)
Have a great sunday,

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