20 Jun 2013

Off to other shores...

If you have had time to visit the Summerfest sim I m sure you disovered so many cute things that it must have been hard 
to decide which ones not to buy.
These kind of events always amaze me - not only the goodies you can grab are amazing but also the simbuilding. 
I love to explore such events.

I myself used to spend hours and days on simbuilding, setting up a beach with plants and tikis and boats and stuff. 
I used to work hard on every detail to make it look good from every angle.
Nowadays I dont have the patience anymore. Sl as such is moving fast and the inner sense of time passing is speeding up as well. 
I guess this comes with age.
It s just amazing to see, how one day you care for something and the next day you don t anymore.
You just cease to care...

But thats actually a good thing because it shows that you re developing, changing, learning new things and leaving old things behind. 
You don t want to get stuck with yourself or a situation or miss
an opportunity to grow with new tasks.
So moving on is the word.

But before I get too deep or even carried away with philosophical stuff 
(gahhd, I m sure you re bored by now -lol)

let me tell you what I got at the Summerfest
I took "Sasha" home with me.  
The most amzing skin by "The Skinnery". 
I got three skintones in fact, altough I normally only decide on one. But this skin is SO beautiful!
And I am hopeless with skins - that s for sure.

The necklace with earrings is a Zibska piece and so adorable!
The clutch is from VG, a fairly new label ( .. not that new, but still kinda new;), 
made by the awesome Victoria Grau, a great girl and colleague I have the pleasure of working with at Tune Magazine
This woman isn t stoppable in fact and I am so proud of her work, her label and 
the great stuff she keeps coming up with at Tune Magazine! You go girl! :))

Sooo enough blah blah for the day!

Have fun exploring,
Hills :)

"Miu" leather pencil skirt ~ J.H. Couture
"cropped" tank grey ~ Coco Design (groupgift)
"Sasha" skin ~ The Skinnery @ the summerfest
hair ~ "Shock" electric bob / Tuty`s 
"Queen" clutch ~ VG 
"Kara" necklace ~ Zibska

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