22 Jun 2013


Just a quick sunny post for the weekend. 
Sun is a good keyword. I need to find a better way to handle this work-thing in SL. 
Everytime I get busy working in SL I wish I didnt have so many obligations to fullfill. But when I slow down a little.. what happens? - I feel I could do more! Suddenly all these great opportunities arise or new ideas and inspirations come along and I grab them all. 
oh I can do this, I can do that - now that sounds like fun!
Then something knocks on my door  and thats usually RL. lol
We all know these situations, don t we?  yeah.
So what do I learn from this?
I m gonna be busy, I m gonna slow down,
...gonna be busy...
gonna slow down...
gotta use proper english in my blog too....

Victoria made those pants btw.
I love them. They make a great ass, right? 

Jeans ~ VG skinny jeans
shirt ~ Auxiliary @ Summerfest
earrings "Phoenix" ~ Kunglers Couture
hair ~ Taketomi
eyemakeup ~ The Skinnery Sasha makeup

 Happy saturday :)

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