11 Jul 2013

Agora new release

The Sleigh Patchwork Bed is the latest release by Agora. Titos Xue is the creator of this cute patchwork bed.
He s not only an expert when it comes to the Eurovision Songcontest - no nooo- he actually also creates great furniture in SL ;)
His only mistake is, that he s just too humble about his work! Otherwise I love him to bits. I was really amazed when I unpacked the bed
and fell in love with the cute patchwork textures and many, many cute animations that are hidden under the covers :)
And for all those who "don t use poseballs":  you have no excuse anymore;)  This bed works without - you simply place your derriere on it - voilà ! ;)
 The patchwork bed comes with 200 animations in the adult version and some cute extra features like a chest drawer with wearable items and
two bedside tables. You can check out those at the marketplace store.

Have a good weekend, sweeties,

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