29 Jul 2013

Coco Design

 Coco Design is always geat shopping fun and a guaranty for great style. 
Everytime I drop over I discover something that needs to be added to my wardrope. 
What I like about this blouse is the chopped version that miraculously fits with all my Coco pants ;)

Also I m so very in love with the Lelutka hairdo "Vibrato" .
Mesh hair is probably the thing I love most value about 
the introduction of mesh in SL.

The colourblog dress by Coco is my fave fashion item this season. Whenever I need to quickly dress to leave the sim it instantly comes to mind and it simply fits every occasion with the various colours you can choose from.
 It also is one more example why Coco Design is one of the top creators on the grid. Simply a must have.

Have a great week. And PLEASE visit the LOVE DONNA FLORA event and spend your lindens for the good cause. Spend some more on my behalf as I am "out of grid" atm on vacation and can only follow the event by reading blogs.
I think it s such a tremendously good cause and so very moving to see so many creators and residents supporting this that I am hoping it ll bring some good for Donna. I m keeping my fingers crossed, include her in my prayers and wish her all the best. 
In the end it s not about the purchases you do but about the support you show and the good wishes you send out. I truely believe it ll have an impact.

clothes above: Coco Design
hair 1st pic: Lelutka
hair 2nd pic: tram

corset: Molichino
Jeans Jacket: Coco Design
skirt: "Miu" leather pencil skirt ~ J.H. Couture
skin: "Sasha"/ The Skinnery Love, Hills

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