29 Jul 2013

Love and support for Donna Flora

I mentioned this in my previous post but then decided to give this cause 
a little bit more room on my blog as I do have a very personal attachment to
Donna Flora myself: 

PLEASE visit the LOVE DONNA FLORA event and spend your lindens for the good cause. Spend some more on my behalf as I am "out of grid" atm on vacation and can only follow the event by reading blogs.
I think it s such a tremendously good cause and so very moving to see so many creators and residents supporting this that I am hoping it ll bring some good for Donna. I m keeping my fingers crossed, include her in my prayers and wish her all the best. 
In the end it s not about the purchases you do but about the support you show and the good wishes you send out. I truely believe it ll have an impact.

shirt:  Molichinos contribution for  the "Donna Flora Love" event.

I remember first going to her shop. I was totally blown by the masses of designs she displayed in her shop and by the variety of styles she was offering.
I felt like ransacking the whole store. 

Also being a little bit of a hobby astrologer I instantly assumed she must be having an actionpacked
fifth house, which is the area in a horoscope that gives information about
a person‘s creativity and self-expression.

So I bluntly asked her for her dates of birth. Probably taking me for a total freak she laughed of course 
(I didn t blame her lol) but then she actually gave me her bday date! 

Unfortunately she couldn t give all detailed info I would have needed
 yet with the given information I was able to take a look at some planetary constellations, which (for those of you who dont know about astrology in detail) only is about 60% of the complete and detailed information a radix can give.
Anyway the first radix I did on a SL resident was that of Donna Flora.
I m not going to give the whole story here which wouldn t be appropriate of course
 but I m not giving away anything new 
when I say that she with her contributions certainly influence and inspire others and that is also very clear in her radix (or horoscope).
 What I mean to say here is that I ve gotten to know her as a very friendly and open minded woman besides her enormous talent and creativity 
and I truely hope she s going to stay with us. 
Don t ever be discouraged dispite your critical health conditions.
My heart truely goes out to you, Donna Flora.

Love, Hills

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