19 Jul 2013

Melt me

Ok, it was hot on that day. Steamingly hot in fact. I was beginning to feel like some tragic character in a Hemmingway novel set somewhere in the hottest part of Africa... sweating...breathing hard... creaving for some kind of relief...
Em said to me: "Lets do it, Hills, you really can use a tan!". I looked at her. I turned my head around and stared at the water, then back at her. I knew she was right.
 But I also knew it was gonna be tough and I wasn t gonna chicken out. 
So I got up, put my icy-cold lemon juice aside like a man...I mean like a woman. 
I could see behind my back that Em was watching me (yes... ok.... I mean....I dont know how I did that, but I did! Anyway it sounds cool, doesnt it.) 
She smiled as I stepped out into the sun and let that glorious sun 
melt all alpha textures off my pale body..
 We both were determined that day.
I started counting:" ...1 ...2...3!!", then we did it. Both.
Took off our tops...

on me:

"Little Daisy dress": OrsiniSun
hair: Baiastice @  the hairfair
skin: Glance 
"Daisy attachments": Izzie`s

on Emaline: 

please check her wonderful blog 

Have a great weekend,
Hills :)

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