28 Jul 2013

Out of fashion

Out of fashion.That s what I am. Or maybe just too old for SL? 
Naaahhh...Why am I saying this? 
Because I remember the good old sculptured prim!
In Strawberrys last meme one of the questions she asked was about what we re nostalgic about in SL. 
I guess its old and shabby clothes for me ;)- 
A few days ago when going through my inventory I came across 
this really lovely dress by Etoile that I always thought was so beautiful but then got lost in the depth of my folders.
You know how it is...your Inventory is messy. You want to clean up. You feel like deleting...
But deciding on which items have to go can become a difficult thing!
In RL I follow one simple rule: those things you haven t been wearing for one  year have do go.
But what is one RL year in SL? - One month...? five... three?
I have no idea really. It s easy to loose track on the time in SL in general as it is moving so fast and keeps changing all the time.
With the introduction of
mesh in SL you hardly ever find sculptured or flexi prims in the shops anymore. But in some little stores you still do. Like at Etoile :)

taxi to Etoile
earrings: Zibska
click on the pictures to enlarge!

I hope you guys will forgive me that my credits arent properly done since I am on vacation posting only via tablet atm.
I promise I ll be my accurate self again  when I return from my Italy trip .
On the other hand...what could also happen is, that I decide to stay here forever because
If you re interested in some pics of the places I ll be visiting you might want to concider taking a look at my flickr stream where I ll be posting one or two pictures in  the next coming days .
I hope you re all having a wonderful summer.

Hugs, Hills

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