24 Jul 2013

Taking things on

Having a few posts in stock enables me to keep posting while on vacation. 
I admit it s not easy to just pack my bags and head off to Italy without thinking I could be
missing out on something.
 I WILL though be missing out on the release of Jade, the new PXL skin the coming days but from what I have seen so far it s going to be yet 
another awesome skin that I actually cant wait to be unpacking!!
Before I left for my vacation I did have the chance to start working on my gallery.
 For quite some time now I ve had this
idea for  a new exhibition pending in my head but never got around to take it on.
I guess I was waiting for something initialising to happen and it did.
I found my drive back after some tirering phase where things just didn t seem to
happen. But then inspiration comes in like a bird that accidentally enters your house through a half-open window. You re enthusiastic about that vunerable bird, you want to keep it, yet you know it has to be set free in order to be truely happy. 
So you hold your breath and hope you don t break anything... 
So you watch it from some distance and hope it won t fly out of the window again 
too soon.

My inspirational little bird said to me: "Nobody is rushing you, are they?" 
which of course is true.
But maybe you know how it is - once you detected what it is you want to do
you get enthusiastic and rush yourself in order to get on with it.


both styles:
skin: The Skinnery
shoes: Just Design

first outfit:
shirt: Ingenue
hair: tram

second outfit:
hair: Baiastice
jeans: Evale
 shirt: Tee*fy  @ collabor88
sofa: Mudhoney

third outfit:
hair: Dura
Jacket: Pull Limited
skin: Essence
boots: gift @ Dressing Room Fusion

have a lovely week,

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