27 Aug 2013

Exploring second life Meme

  Today I did some exploring.
For some reason TPs took forever while I was going through my landmarks 
in order to find the places I d like to show on this week`s monday blogger challenge.
First I was going to use unedited pictures in this post for three reasons: 
one: I was too lazy for editing, 
second: I was too lazy for editing
three: I m in a bad mood lately 
Well it s not that bad really... It s just... I ordered a new lappy about a week ago and it still hasn t arrived.... 
this kills me.. it really does. I  am desperate for a better graphic card.
Saying this I realize it doesn t make sense to say I have a crappy graphic card and NOT edit my pics. So the pictures you see are edited....
BUT... evenmore so am I greatfull to get distracted from my grumpyness for an hour while doing this lovely "exploring second life meme"...

The sim that comes to mind of course for me is Svarga. 
I have taken many friends there to explore and take pictures. I think you ve all heard  of this place before.

I went there right away to shoot some pictures 
and ran into GoodCross, an artist who`s flickr stream 
I ve been following. We got into a conversation and he invited me over
to his sim (not what you might think) and gave me the most interesting touuuuur.
Good Cross really did an awesome job on this sim he `s actually still working on but one side is already open to the public. While and as I was standing on "Sorrow Hill" I decided to take the sim into this weeks meme as it is really worth a visit :)

And of course there is Hazardous! If you haven t been, GO! It s pure poetry put into prims and always a great place for photographers. 
Soooo adorable.

Another wonderful sim is Las Islas, Casa del mar
Exotic, full of details and also a nice place to relax and even to shop for your own home-sim :)

so and while I gave up hope to find the sim I also wanted to show you, I shall leave it to another awesome new find : Thassa. I came here as I followed an old LM. It is appearantly a Gorean roleplay village, but it was empty when I arrived so I decided to take a picture. 

Gahhd, I dont want to imagine what those goreans would have done to me if they d been there.... 

There are many more wonderful places, some of them only in my memory, some not open to the public but certainly stunningly beautiful and made 
to take you into another world. Or life ;)
I think it s great that some residents open their sims to the public from time to time to let  other residents or even photographers come, see and take some pictures. And it s even  more admirable when ppl leave their
sims open all the time for ppl to enjoy and explore them in total amazement.
Thank you!
And thank you, Berry, for this lovely meme idea :)

Have fun exploring,
Hills :)

alien avi @ marketplace

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