31 Aug 2013

I love you [but you re boring]

The 24 event is in full swing and I bought a few things I wish I hadn t.Because: mesh is not nessecarily mesh... 
rigged or unrigged - you get good quality or bad. Unfortunately you can find the latter ones as well even at such events. 
A friend of mine once said to me, there are so many bloggers out there and somehow none of them really dares 
to critizise any of the stuff they re posting.
 It s all "great" and "lovely" and "awesome new release" only because they get the items send and blog them out of obligation or 
simply for the sake of blogging. 

But what people really want when they read blogs is someone to tell them what NOT to buy in order to prevent them from false purchases.  
I have thought about that a while and I decided I m not going to be the one
 to tell people NOT to buy stuff, but to show only those products 
I really think are worth their money. And it is after all real money we all spend in SL.

But  not everthing you see here you can also buy!
Now why the heck is that you may ask yourself...?
Well thats because some stuff is for free *giggles*
Like this lovely dress here by Liv Glam:

dress: Liv Glam "Alejandro" (gift) 
You can find these dresses at the entrance for free. 

The hair I m wearing below is from Discord Designs and it s one of the great finds at The 24.
The skin is the new release "Ming" by The skinnery
You should check the mainstore for that one.
I tried the skin and realized it s awesomely beautiful like all the previous releases by The Skinnery but it changed my appearance a lot. 
As I dont like that so much I decided to pimp up one of my alts and give her a new look. 
I think this turned out really nice. 

dress "Heartattack"/ Liv Glam (gift)

dress: I love you but your boring/ Liv Glam (gift) 
Have fun discovering :) 
location: Bazar at The 24 event
hair pic 1+2: Magika/ "Yesterday"
hair pic 3: Discord Design 
hair pic 4+5: Magika/ "Quote"
shoes: Redgrave

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