16 Aug 2013

I m so vain ...

The world of fashion....
sometimes I wonder if it really is my world just because Hills is a little vain...?
When the Ivatan necklace by Kunglers arrived two days ago I wasn t really prepaired - fashion-wise that is.. BUT 
since L`accessoires is having their 1st anniversary these days I thought I d take the occasion to open a coconut ;)
So there I was: suntaning on my beach, wondering if I had accidentally put suncream, 
into my coconut- drink, thinking ...
"Wow... either I ve been sitting in the sun too long or this is a special kind of nut!!"...

Happy 1st anniversary, L`accessoires ;)

A few sips later I thought "who cares, as long as it tastes nice... 
and wooow the necklace comes in maaany colours :) Why not try them all?
*giggles* - Looks even better!!

...after molesting AvaGardner in groupchat
I felt this is a really nice day at the beach I m having :)
I even cared to strike a pose!!

Yeah I love fashion...dispite my heavy head the next day
I managed to get into something decent. 
One necklace at a time is a good idea too.
The "Ivatan" necklace is an extra edition by Kunglers and can be found
at the L`accessoire sim for a special price. 
For the coming 3 weeks all in all 19 designers have created limited edition 
items and only a 100 pieces are available that will only be sold there! 
It s a beautiful piece, isn t it!? And the cool thing is: it looks just as gorgeous
combined with jeans as it does with a more sophisticated look.
The Hina dress is the kind of dress I d wear in RL too, feeling like a goddess.. *hihihi*

dress: Baiastice
dress: Ison
So have fun in the sun, jump over to grab this
beautiful piece of jewlery and
enjoy your friday,

Kunglers @ L`accessoires
garden-chair: Cheeky Pea
shirt: Coconut Design
hair: Magika

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