8 Aug 2013

Meet Elly

Meet Elly!
the incredibly awesome, fabulous and most stunning skin and latest release of Steffi Vilotta.
Elly is one of the "Delicious" skins that come in 5 skintones, with slink hands, feet and tango appliers, many makeup-options and three eyebrow-colours.
I m wearing the tone vanilla

Oh and since you re reading this I want to take the occasion and say thank you
Thank you for 18.000 views on this blog! When I started blogging in 2011 I never imagined I d still be doing it today. 
But I actually am and it s been fun and inspirational. I want to say thank you to the designers who sponsored me so far and hopefully will go on creating all the wonderfull designs that fill the pages of this blog. 
Thank you to my blogger-friends Strawberry Singh, Neva Crystall, Atteris Amarth, Jay Tedder Murs, Prue Genira, Illanit Orsini, Daphne Kyong, Emaline9, Zib Scaggs and Sophia Harlow 
who added me to their blogrolls!! You guys rock :))
I appreciate that very very much and love and admire your work!
Not to forget that I learn a lot from all of you.
Thank you all :)

Have a great weekend,

skin - "Elly" cherry lips blonde vanilla /Deetalez
eyelashes - Redgrave
hair - Tram
neckholder - Deetalez
lingerie - fishy strawberry

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