24 Sep 2013

It s my birthday meme (and I m not too happy about it!)

Meme time is fun time. Normaly that is...
But before doing this weeks meme I didnt even know how to spell the word depression.
This has changed drastically...
I dont really mind that Strawberry gets into my IMs all the time and e-mails me twice a week to remind me of her latest monday meme challenge. Thats really ok....
but the birthday meme was a bit of a challenge, I can tell you....
For the record: I have a thing for people born in the sign of virgo, since I am taurus and get along smashingly with virgos. And ppl born  in the sign of capricorn.... ooh oh AND libra people are the most charming people too btw. Did I mention pisces...?
Speaking of fruits... I really cant say that I prefer peaches to bananas or resent strawberries TOTALLY... those are actually very sweet and yummy :)


I also dont mind if people find out, that Strawberry and I have something going, really not....
but I wish i had skipped this birthday meme since it does reveal some facts about me, that had better been kept under the cover of silence. But tbh this is not the first scandal being revealed on this blog.... giggles*
So please only continue reading if you re over 18, in full possession of your mental health and if you have a sense of humour 
that generally helps you through the day- especially through your own birthday!! 

ok,  the most famous meme instructions can be found  here and here we go:

  1. When is your birthday? – April 30th
  2. Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them. – hmmm looked it up and noticed those ppl are relatively unknow. hehe, alot of musicians and actors though... Most famous two people I found were Willie Nelson (american Country singer) and Kirsten Dunst (actress). That is ok, I guess though I was hoping for something more spectacular like... Napoleon but, hey -  you can t have it all, right?
  3. List one notable event that took place on your birthday. – one??  after looking it up... I am quite shocked. I looked up historical events and thought: "this is the point where I d have to quit doing this meme!!"  Because this day has had rather horrible things happening in the past. I do regret that I was hoping for spectaculer things! On my birthday Jesus of Nazareth got crucified and poor Monica Seles got stabbed during a Tennis match in Hamburg and ...omg... I knew this already: ...Hitler died... AND... Madonna's bustier was stolen from Fredrick's Of Hollywood!!  O..M...G... BERRY you owe me one for doing this MEME!!
  4. Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday. – I m still collecting myself here.... geeez.. ok, holidays....I m not surprised to find there are no holidays falling on my birthday ( this meme can t get much more depressing than that) ...BUT there is a holiday on the day after my b-day In germany the 1st of may is called something like  "Labour day" and is we get the day off from work which is actually nice as I can have a huge party every year and sleep long the next day :) yyaaayy !!
I m glad I was able to find something positive about my b-day in the end :)

Hugs everybody,
Hills :)

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