3 Sep 2013

Rebel without a cause .. (or how not to go bankrupt)

Ok I hope you guys over there in the US are finally finished with your labourday and hanging around being lazy ;) Over here in europe things are back to normal ever since monday morning! We have already opened a few bottles of beer... You surely need to do some catching up!! I m joking of course. I only have coke in my cooler.
What I hear and read about the new Arcade round is terrifying I must say. Apart from the fact that I havent had a chance to see if all of it is true because the sim is always full and cant be entered by some average mortals like me, I better not imagine what it will be like when I finally do get in there and play gatcha and gatcha and gatcha and...opps...bankrupt...
I dont want that! I ve been doing this for the past years of my SL existance! I want something else! I ended up getting this new dress at Fameshed by Rebel Hope..... go figure.... ! 

Jessie @ Fameshed

skin: "Sasha" / The Skinnery (what else..) lol

hair: Dura -"boy 27" sienna

Still hanging in those TPs....!
I ll keep you updated on my finances... lol

Have fun discovering,

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