7 Oct 2013

Uncovered men only

Don t you just love sneaking into a man´s world?
Even if it s only to play some gatcha at a "Mens only event" and when they notice you re around ..- RUN!!

I was lucky to grab these cute props and poses by Hisposé before I had to run.
You girls (and guys of course) should peek in there and check if there is someone standing there
without his towels now... 
(dont forget to send me a picture of that!!)

skin: "May" by Curio (unfortunately this skins is not available anymore -
I m only wearing it for sentimental reasons - lol ;)

radio + seat: Storax Tree

 The "Men Only Gacha" has started yesterday and will run throughout october. 
Next to the cute towel-poses by Hisposé you can find 
over 50 designers selling random prizes from gacha mashines.


Sponsored by:
JLB Apparel
Apple May Designs
Seraphim SL
22769 Casual Couture

for more info on this BLOG!

Have fun and
gacha self a man too if you like,
Hills :)

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