4 Nov 2013

Molichino closing sale

You know what they say: in every ending also lies a beginning.
Molichino will be closing its doors by the end of the month 
but Aurelia is planning to be back again with her inworld store in a few months. 
Until then her collection is still available on marketplace.
I rememebr Molichino being one of the first stores
that were offering high quality mesh clothes and and a unique style 
and I ve been a great fan of Aurelias :)

poses: Voga, DeLa

The sale will be on until the 25th of November.  ALL items are reduced to L$100 or less.  
These products will come back when MOLiCHiNO re-opens however, this is the only time they will be at such a low price.  

Happy shopping!

more info<:

pictures taken at the lovely sim

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