28 Nov 2013

Reach out and touch me ..

I ve been listening to that old Depeche Mode song Personal Jesus on the radio this morning
and the line above has been on my mind since then and somehow I got the idea for this picture. 
Yes I know the song is quite old...Guess so am I ;) 
Also not new but gorgeous for sure: the Magan jacket by Maitreya.
The colour I chose is slate but there are  several gorgous colours available.
Best combined with the white mesh leggings - also from Maitreya.  I totally love those.
I think they were actually made for me since I am always too lazy to pick shoes when 
I leave the sim. With these leggings I don t have to pick shoes anymore - 
they re already attached to the pants! How ever did Maitreya know I needed those ;)

pants & shoes: Maitreya

This skin is  Isla by  League - now what can I say? 
I keep coming back to it. Everybody who knows me also knows I am a skin addict.
I really am. I mean like really really addicted.  But wearing Isla is 
like coming home. I think everybody has a skin they like especially.

Jacket Emporium : Vision

brown leggings BesoVision
yellow Leather leggings : Tres Blah
hair: Dura 

Have a great friday,
Hills :)

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