22 Dec 2013

Meet Nadya

Filthy Skins has released their first mesh head "Nadya"
Along with the matching skin, appliers for hands, feet, lolas and phat ass you get the complete package.
I have tried mesh avatars before as the textues are fascinating and make a photographers heart skip a beat. 
But so far I haven t found the one avatar that would make me give up my selfmade shape I use for Hills.
Wearing mesh-heads though is one option I like to use to alter
the appearance a bit. Sometimes it s really fun to get a new look.

Jumping into the "eyes of the forest" outfit by OrsiniRed I ended up in the beautiful Chakryn Forest.
The forest outfit is available in 3 colours black blue and wine.

violin & animations: baffle!

have a great xmas week, 


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