30 Dec 2013

Ms Milana Mesh

...yeah I know... that s a silly title.
They should do a "silliest title ever" competition so I can at least win something ONCE.
SO what the heck - isn t this some great new release by BodyGossip?
Geez... mesh heads are on the go atm it seems.
Simply amazing. I m in love with Milana. How about you?

Milana comes in four skintones, matching eyes and huds for the fine-tuning of facial details like
eyelids, shape of the nose, lip-shape etc.
Phat azz appliers as well as appliers for slink hands n feet and lola tango appliers are included.
Except for the head - you need to purchase it seperately and it costs a fortuuuune.
Guess it s an extended Xmas experience, uh?

But toootally fun to style away...

Have fun discovering! 

Hills :)

pants: Vision
sweater: ryvolter
hair: Lelutka
necklace : LaGyo
jacket: Coco Design

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