31 Jan 2014

Guys, meet Suhina. - - Suhina-... your audience..

I sould say the Suhina dress by Zaara is the most stunning dress I ve seen in SL.
I saw it first on Strawberry Singhs blog where she also 
gives a few informations about the ongoing Oscar contest.

Seing the dress I probably never took a faster TP to the Zaara mainstore
than that !
Being a manager for the Zaara store Strawberry probably gets her hands
on all new releases first and that makes her 
the luckiest woman in SL! - 

I think I can hear Billy Crystal sing: "Its a wonderful night for Oscar.." 

make sure you grab a cab to Zaara if you re still looking 
for a special dress to wear on the big night!!!

Have a lovely fitting!

hair: Dura
skin: Zoul 
shoes: Fri.day
handbag: Countdown
poses: oracul AO "Fluffy Model"
lamp: GOL Design (not availale anymore)

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