20 Jan 2014

Jewels and Jade

The Mayfair sim is one of the most fascinating all-mesh-sim that I know. 
Not only special because it was the first of its kind in second life ever, 
 but also because the chosen location is my favorite city in (the so called) real life.

EverytimeI feel I need a really nice environment to shoot some pictures 
my first thought takes me to Mayfair as I love the straight and clean architecture 
and basicaly feel at home and comfy there. And everytime I go there I seem to discover something new -
 a new corner, a new perspective, a yet undiscovered spot.

Discovery is what Modish is about as well. The wide range of skins you can  find 
is impressive and ever since I found "Oneway-Captive", I call myself a fan of this label. 
I am therefore very happy 
to be given  the opportunity to show more of Modish in the future.

The skins I m showing today are Jade and Jewel.
You should grab the cab to te mainstore and pick your favourite  
out of eight diffrent skintones available.

jeans: Atomic

poses: Poppycock

skin above:  "Jewel" (cream) by Modish (groupgift)

hair: tram
jacket: Vive 9
skin: "Jade" (dune) Modish
sweater: Mon Tissu
pants: Celoe
gloves: Vrsion

Have fun discovering,
Hills :)

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