28 Jan 2014

See if I care.....

So january is finally coming to and end. I must say we re still waiting for the winter season. 
Here in germany we seem to be skipping it this year.
I don t remember a winter as warm as the one 
we re experiencing and it s a little bit disturbing. 
It s not that I miss the snow or the cold feet and reddish nose and earlobes in particular -
or that I am concerned about global warming- ... 
Its just that I like things and seasons to be in their place. I m used to that!
I m used to having winter in january and spring in april. 
I booked my summer vacation in july as I expect the sun to shine, the temperature to raise 
above 25 degrees and the mosquitos to joyfully rub their hands in anticipation! 
- Of course the german mosquitos - not those in italy. 
I mean... I m going to be italy because of all of the mosquitos in germany!

There will be more than usual it is said - since we re skipping winter and all...
you know... things are not in their place over here and so wont I.
See if I care ...

hair: boon

I do care for my skin though. The one I m wearing is Carina
the new Modish release, wearing
the skintone dune and honey.

The lovely lovely lovely blouse and tie is a great Collabor88 find from Tres Blah.
And so are the beautiful Miranda heels from Fri.day.

I m not jokiiiing about italy..!.... see? ...- half way out already! :p

hair: [e] elikatira
skirt: Celoe

So now, dear residents and addicts of SL,
go shop, will ya. :p

Love, Hills 

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