21 Jan 2014

White Jade

Today I learned that there is such a thing as white Jade. Really - I didnt know that before!
So far I only knew about green and olive coloured Jade and its meanings and uses. ..
Jade is a so called "dream stone", releasing negative thoughts and irritability 
and soothing the mind.

When worn it helps evolve spiritual growth and supports the nurturing of any kind of relationship
 - wether it is a personal or a business-related one.
It is said that the olive Jade is a "study stone", aiding us in the long quest for a higher state 
of understanding or awareness.

Now isnt this a nice stone....
Wether you believe in such things or in wearing stones and germs in order to obtain 
a certain effect on your life or not, is of course a matter of personal belief.
I for myself believe that with a certain state of mind you can 
achieve a lot by yourself. 
We all know that a good relationship takes two people who care to make it work. 
Sometimes it takes someone else to show you what is possible in a relationship.
Sometimes you learn something new that you didnt know was possible, let alone existed. 

Just like white Jade.

For A.
Love, Hills

skin: Jade (honey)/ Modish
Hair: Jaiyla/Fab-U-lous
jacket: S&F jacket (white) /Vision
pants: Mesh leggins (white)/Maitreya
earrings: Loop/ Fri.day

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