4 Feb 2014

Black and white challenge

This monday meme really kicked my lazy bum. 
I haven t participated for some weeks now though it had become my monday routine to check on 
Strawberries latest meme idea. 
So when I read about the black & white portrait challenge I jumped right at it
because I knew this was going to be fun.
 A lot my SL time goes into photography with the fashion blogging and all but
I originally started out as a photographer in Sl long before I turned to blogging. 

Only last year when I was working on my exhibition that contents only of black and white I realized how pictures 
can transform into something else, change or enhance their subject and focus, and look somehow more interesting 
when you edit them to a black and white. 
I have come to appreciate that quality very much . To me it s not just the lack of colour but a unique language.

Not really a part of the meme task but yet I include the rawshot here and

give away a few of my basic editings.

On this picture though I didn t edit that much which makes it easier
to tell you about it - lol... okies, I dont use photoshop but gimp.
You can download it for free.
In addition to withdrawing the colour I added some contrast and a bit of shadow
on the left to get the visual impression of depth into the picture.

click to enlarge

To enhance the lightfall on the right shoulder (your right but my left shoulder that is) 
added a bit of white flare:

click to enlarge

That was it basically! Not that difficult but it makes the picture
 more interesting to look at I think.
Okies, so much for this weeks meme. 

Have fun everybody
and have a great vacation, Berry!

Hills :)

hair: Dura
skin: League
lashes: Redgrave

If you like to go deeper into black&white you might find this interesting to read.

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