9 Feb 2014


A quick sunday post. I love the new hair from Elikatira
And I ve been a fan since ages. 
Elikatira was one of the first stores
offering colour-pack with a selection of all available haircolours. 
This way you get a range of colours from white over blond,
 to brown and black in one pack called "essencials" and that's all I actually want when I buy hair.
Having four or five shades of white or blacks is not really what I feel I need to have.
I ve always loved to have this option of variety. Not all designers offer this.

The Lexie earrings by Kunglers can be found at the new round at  l´accessoires.

Miamai Kita glitter shirt
Miamai Moon pumps lemon
OrsiniRed mesh pants Street8 graphite
Elikatira Jennie hair
Clemm white glass eyes
League Isla skin pale
Poses: Manifeste

Wishing you all good week ahead!

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