21 Feb 2014

Memories of Greta & Garbo

The new fameshed finds from ValentinaE, the Garbo skirt and blouse are truely a must-have.
The classic style reminded me of the 40ies and 50ies, the time when the 
american so called Dream Factory was at its hight and had their golden age. Moviestars like Erol Flynn, 
Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck 
and James Steward or Greta Garbo where shaping the film industry.
Black and white movies, skewball-comedies, musicals - you name it - they all are a part of my
childhood memories just as climbing up trees and beating up boys (not too bad of course - just a little) 
and running from furious neighbours 
and hiding from them, feeling like a pirate who almostwould have entered that ship! 
If only the damn dog hadn t seen me...
Anyway Garbo... I combined the outfit with the Greta hat by Elysium (probably just as old my SL existance-) 
and I ended up with 
this flower bouquet I once wore as bridesmaid at my best friends sl-wedding - nice memories as well. 

pose: dfo!

Whats also special to me about this post is the fact that
I have posted this outfit already on the Trempe Blog. 
I am very excited to have been asked by Anna Sapphire to join this new Fashion Agency as photographer
and to be amidst such wonderful Sl photographers like Dantelicia Ethaniel, Asia Rae and Strawberry Singh
I have been admiring their work
 for a long time now and so this is a very exciting time for me atm.
Anyway, hope you guys like the outfit as much as I do :)

hair  1| tram
shoes |  ieQED
hat “Greta”| Elysium
powder compact & puff  | Cluster
flowers | VRD (Vasanti Romano Designs)
skirt & blouse “Garbo” | Valentine E. @ fameshed

Hurray, it s the weekend :)
Have a happy one,

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