21 Feb 2014

On new skins, starlets and rainy days...

I do have this friend and I must say she is the sweetest creature when it comes to making me do things.
She has this talent of making me do stuff like shooting pics, interviewing ppl and writing articles. .. 
Ok, she is the CEO of Tune Magazine so she is more or less my boss. hehe. So when a message comes in I know what that means - work!
But that`s not all... she is a DJane (thats a female DJ btw ;), a host for her sl-hubby Vaughan Quan, she is the owner of VG Shoes and on top of it all a total nutter.
Maybe also because she is a wonderful motivator for the people she works with 
and a  great communicator she manages all these demanding jobs at a time.
But most of all she is having fun doing it. She is one of those people who smile when it s raining,
saying:" Well I could try to talk to the weather pleople and maybe they can 
make the clouds move some to the left? Or part in the middle so we can jump in and sit and get our tan? 
Provided we ll get the sunblocker in time so we dont get a sunburn and if that doesn t happen, 
I will think of something else, dont worry! 
Meanwhile you can get your bikini out just in case things work out fine!"

Anyway it wasn t raining when she send me her new release, the starlet pumps, even though
I was prepaired for anything with the umbrella and all...
wearing the new Valeria skin by Modish btw, which I think is really 
well done and one of the few skins I own that fit my shape without much

Anyway, what s the point of this blog? I dont know!! 
I mean: Do you like my shoes or what?!

Magika: hair Never
{what next}: Rainy days pose and props
VG ShoesStarlet pumps
Coco design: denim shorts

have a great weekend,

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