22 Mar 2014


ok, so I finally did make it to the skin fair 2014.. after a rl break that 
practically cut me off from sl I could stumble back in yesterday and 
pick things up again where I had left them.
Which in this case means skin demos demos demos.
So whats new in the world of SL-skins? The big news of course this year are mesh heads. 
A great line of creaters make their skins fit for mesh heads or release skins
especially for that. On top of course is the Slink head "Visage". 
One example is the latest Nyva skin by Modish that can be found
at the skin fair. Included you find a hud 
to modify the hairbase and makeup to your likings.
I m wearing Nyva on my own shape below as I personally like the 
individual look Modish skins provide.

skin: Nyva / vest: Ison / hair: laViere

Each year the skin fair features established labels like League, Essences, Glance and many more, 
but what I also enjoy is to get the opportunity to discover a number of skin labels 
I havn t been aware of yet.

 The one I took home with me was the amazing Aliza by Mimi Skins

hair.Slink/ skin: Mimi Skins/ lingerie: Countdown

Oh, and not to forget Lucius by Ryuukou.  
I ve been following this label ever since 
I discovered Opal and Oona, two previous releases.

hair: Dura/ Skin: ryuukou/ lingerie: Redgrave

 Oh and if you re a fan of Filthy skins like me you ll enjoy
checking out Chloe, Alicia and Penelope maybe :)

skins: Filthy Skins/ hair: Magika

Hope, you re still in the mood for discovery -
the weekend is not over yet ;)


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