3 Apr 2014

A house on the hill

I recently moved homes.
Homes. A very important SL topic, isnt it. Do you have one? If not - how do you... I mean... where do you go to change 
your clothes or to check your make-up, comb your hair or simply rezz a box?
I rememer in my early days (and I think I told this story more than one time on this blog) I didnt have a home 
and when I needed to change chlothes or edit my appearance I looked around for a lake and went underwater. Hihi. It felt very private. 
Until one day somebody got into my IMs saying: "Helloooo!:)))" Zooming out I saw someone standing next to me - lol. 
I said:"Dont say you re changing clothes as well..." - "Don t laugh, but I actually was going to." 

 I recall one other occasion when I finally did have a home I came online and found I wasn t alone in my sim. 
Someone appearantly had rezzed a skybox in order to meet with a "friend". You know how it is, 
when you open that little sim map and see two green tiny dots on it, standing so close together, it s clear 
that they re not only just shaking hands. 
I think I got a giggle as a reply to my  question if they knew a good place where I can purchase a neat security orb system. 

Anyway I believe almost everybody has one or two stories like that to tell and it s actually very funny 
when things like this happen. 
I am lucky I guess that I have never encountered negative experiences in that matter 
or had my sim messed up or had to deal with unpleasant visitors.

The reason I m writing about homes is of course The Home Show that is going on 
at the moment and I grabbed a few things there. 
The Toronto-Wire chair is from Bazar and has some really nice poses 
I hadn t seen before so it was worth packing in. 

If you have time to drop over, you ll find stores like Mudhoney, Johadez, 
Half-Deer, The Loft and others that are worth checking out. 
Really lovely stuff to be seen. 


Have fun discovering :)

other credits:
"boys&girls #24" hair: Dura (typing Dura hair out especially for Thom !! ;)
"Venus" heels: Fri.day
"Dakota" dress: Maitreya

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