22 Apr 2014

Sitting in the sun

Sitting in the sun is something I enjoy doing during my vacation which is where I am at the moment.
Just the smell of the sea, the sun on my skin and all the sounds around me that are so diffrent
to the sounds at home. - no cars passing by, no phone ringing, no television, no radio.
Just the pure sounds of nature. Like seagulls, water waves against the shore 
and the laughter of kids playing with their dads.
These are moments at the sea I d like to last and then 
I ask myself why not just pack my stuff and simply move here?
Like forever?

The pictures I took at the "It all starts with a smile" sim are of course no beach pictures. hihi. 
But I think you re getting the idea anyway :)

all poses: poppycock

The dress im wearing is the blue retro dress. It s available in a few more colours at Gawk,
a lovely shop for casual clothes. I especially 
loved the mini-dresses there.

Happy easter, everyone :)

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