Strike a pose challenge

This weeks meme is about the "favorite" pose and posemakers and the first thing that came to mind were RC-Cluster poses. 
I m not sure if you guys remember the huge store that was selling humerous and unusual items between 2007 and 2011 created by Redd Columbia. 
Today the items are still available in world but in a much smaller shop called "Cluster Classics" located in the floorplan sim.  

 prop and animation: RC-Cluster Hanky
You can get a variety of the silliest probs-stuff from the "Zombie-AO" to the "Popstar Singing microphone" 
or "the bag on your head for uglies".
I made a few pictures of the items in the shop so you get an idea what to expect but you can also 
check the website with some more information.
As the shop used to be huge the items available in world today are rotating 
monthly. Requests can be made as well.

facial expression: pose anywhere hud (free @ marketplace)

btw: no matter how bad you feel, never forget keep your head up and strike a dramatic pose
to reactivate your inner queen  ;)

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Of course there are so many wonderful posemakers in SL and many of them have been listed by 
fellow bloggers participating in this weeks meme.  
So check Strawberries comments for several links. 

Have a great weekend,

hair: tram
skirt and blouse: Valentina E.