8 Apr 2014

Trempe Mode - 1st issue / Spring 2014

At the beginning of this year I unexpectedly I received an invitation to join the young team of 
I felt very honored to be concidered and that appearantly my work on Hills n Chills and 
on my Flickr had made an lasting impression. I most certainly never expected this kind of recognition. 

I remember I saw Strawberry come online that very moment so I IMed her saying something like: "I m paniking here - help". 
And of course she did say the right thing that helped me decide to give it a try. 
And I m glad I did :)
The results can be found in the first issue of Trempe Mode Magazine. Together with an 
impressive line of talented photographers and models, a wonderful first spring issue has been created and I m very proud to be a part of this.
 Make sure to be checking out the lovely Trempe Blog as well.

All in all I had two photoshootings with such wonderful models like Vikeejeah Xevion, Xandrah Scavio 
and Louise Roundel which was a lot of fun and very entertaining - I hope for
both sides!
The pictures you can see in this post didnt make it into the magazine for obvious reasons: 
Picture 1: One of the models (Louise) is totally missing - I think she was  picking up her clutch....
Not a good picture to go into the magazine... :P

Picture 2: one of the lovely ladies (I think it s Louise again) is obviously picking her nose.... - bad picture.
I couldn t let the world see that.
Picture 3: I can t recall what suddenly got them upset, made Xandrah raise her hand 
and smack Louise but I instinctively kept the camera running ...

Later on I had to promise not to tell anyone about this and incident and
that Louise (quite understandably) had felt like kicking back...

But don t worry please - we did sort things out and lawers have come to an acceptable settlement. 
I know. I can literally hear you say..."Geeez...the world of fashion...!"
And you re right! - it s fascinating. It s fun, it s glamerous, it keeps
us on our toes.
So make sure to keep looking out for more to come :P

Hills :)

p.s.: of course there never was any nose picking, hitting or kicking on the set! 
I only made this story up. 
So far I ve had enormous fun and it was a pleasure meeting those lovely ladies and professional models. 
Thank you all :)

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