28 May 2014

boys dont cry..

Neither do girls.

..even if this is actually a couple pose! But when I made the picture you see above
 nobody of my hot male friends were online - can you believe it?
I know.... awww ;) - yeah....

Naah, I m only kidding. What I really intended with this was to make you even mooooore curious 
and to give you one more reason to check out the compleeeete pose "Noi" by Grafica ;P, ...silly...
It`s  available at the Pose Me Amazing event that has been running since the 10th of may. So go go go go!

Another event where I will probably be more lucky 
to grab a male by his sleeve and drag him home with me 
is the Men only hunt starting on the 1st of  June.
When the pose arrived I was thinking... hmmmm.... nnaaahhhh
though... I could try... but naaahh...

But hey... I ll think of something, but I m not sure I can top this pic above..
So stay tuned for my attempt right here and for some more info
on the event. i think I wanna go there and take a look. 
I might feel lucky.

Happy hunting,

And dunno why this song got into my head when I saw the picture.
- This is for all "The type of boys": 

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