20 May 2014

Photobombing the friends list meme

When I need a reason to go back to what I enjoy most in SL - which is blogging - I just need to
check on the weekly monday challenge. This weeks meme sounded 
like a lot of work: photobombing somebody else`s photoshoot or getting mine bombed seemed to be
impossible for me as I am rarely online these days.
At first and I concidered doing last week`s meme instead 
which I had missed out on. But when I was doing just that
I recalled an incident where I actually had gotten photobombed some weeks back. 
So I simply thought: why not do both memes in one? So Here I go...

A few weeks back I was looking for some nice location to shoot lingery by Countdown in.
The Chamber Society came to mind. So I headed over there , tried a few poses and finally got an idea of how to shoot when 
I suddenly realized somebody had been watching me. 
If you have ever been to the Chamber Society you know that it is actually an "adult" sim, where you 
can socialize with so called "like-minded people". 
Well.. in this case the guy who had been watching me, of course had his mind set on something other than a lingerie shooting. 
He started talking to me and asked me what I was doing
and I explained what I was actually up to.

As you can imagine he offered his assistance on trying out the animations of the
furniture around - lol.
It turned out he was a very nice guy with a nice sense of humour 
and we did a lot of laughing!
Of course I did not get any good lingerie pictures for my blog.
Instead we messed up the bed !

This is actually one more story about the SL I love and enjoy: being silly and doing unexpected things: 
laughing when you re supposed to be serious, falling over your own feet when everybody knows how to 
use the huds, getting "out of character" when you re supposed to do
roleplay and making fun of bed-poses in a so called "adult sim".


Meme instructions: 
If you re late doing this meme but don t really care- here is the thing to do:
Copy the following questions and fill in your own answeres :)

  1. What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List? There are 77 contacts on my list at present.
  2. Are you picky about who you add to your list or do you usually add most people? Yes, I am quite picky. Before I add someone I ask myself:"Will I have something to talk with this person next time I see them pop online?" If the answer is "No" I dont add them.
  3. Who is your oldest contact? Olderst contact ever: Tony Scofield- that was quite funny: At those early days it was still possible to choose your last name. And since Scofield wasn t  very common back then we had a big laugh when we met and decided to be bro and sis. We did losts of crazy things. My oldest contact but still on my list today is Dakota Neumann. We did a few crazy things as well - lol.
  4. Who is your newest contact? Alyx Aerollo.
  5. Do you know everyone on your list? Most of them, yes. My newer contacts are from people I know from Flickr ( I ve met some) and  people related to my job as photographer for some magazines (also met some of those) and some creators I blog for. Creators hardly ever meet people, do they ;)
  6. How many do you speak on a daily (weekly) basis? hmm on a daily basis 2, weekly 4.
  7. How many do you see/ get to together with in-world on a daily (weekly) basis? I hardly meet people in-world since I only log in to work these days. I m not much of a socializer really.
  8. Who on your list do you have the closest relationship with? Three people: Chilli Meiler, who I m also partnered to. She is my best friend in SL since ages and we also developed a RL friendship. I m glad I met her, she is fabulous. The other one is Dakota and then there is Thom Farspire.  Only 5 minutes after we met we found out that we do live in the same city in RL which was a big surprise since up to that point I had only met people from america and australia (dont ask me why australia...).Today Thom is a longtime friend, blogger and my daily wire to the SL world.That s about it. 
  9. Who do you wish you knew better? Leda Carter!! She is a Flickr aquaintance and great photographer and blogger. We keep saying we should hang out and shoot some pics but we never do!! haha- it s one of those things I guess. 
  10. Who on your list is the funniest/ most entertaining? No doubt: Good Cross. He has this great sense of black humour and it s not possible to have a serious conversation with him.
  11. How did you meet most people on your list (parties/work)? Yes: parties and yes: work. And a bunch of Flickr people.
  12. Do you have a crush on someone on your list? Apart from Stephen Venkman? No!
  13. Do you clean out your list? Yes I try to do that regularly.
  14. Is there anyone that you would trust with your password? Yes, I m glad there are 1 or 2 people I can trust with my password.

Okies, have a great week, everyone,

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