8 May 2014

Sometimes "X" is a good letter.

For one thing there is a "X" in "Moxie and is the
new release from Fri.day, available at collabor88.
I tried getting into the sim but .. no chance! it s packed.
I guess it s going to stay that way for the next 48 hours - haha.
Moxie comes in many cute colours and with 
a dotty version for each colour.
What I have loved about Fri.day since forever
is their classic style. Wether is is casual clothes,
hair, poses or now shoes.
I ve come to wear Fri.day shoes only.
They re just too convincing ;)

pose: poppyrock

pose: poppyrock
I m not in a hurry to get into the sim tbh. I mean I do have the Moxie heels, right?

Check out collabor88. - Good luck!!

 I m going to be busy for the weekend anyway and it s not going to be SL
that ll keep me busy. 
Because during this last week and the past two months that have 
just passed by I have realized something important:
 Life is short and it needs to be lived. 
Not dreamed.
Dreams are nice, but they remain dreams.

Don t get me wrong - I like my SL and I will do so in the future.
But last weekend I decided  I need some fresh air.

If you want change in life you need to do things in a diffrent way
than you usually do. Drastically - not just adjustments
or half-hearted decisions.

I always make the right decisions - yet something vital has been missing so far.
So last weekend I made a totally wrong decision: 
I got the car I always wanted to have.
Not a sensible family car. Not a practical car.
A dream-car indeed - but one I can get my hands on.
I m not waiting for somebody to say:
"Baby you can drive my car." I ll just drive my own.
Right out of the window.
Picking it up tomorrow.
Totally irresponsable. 
A lot of real fun.



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