30 Jun 2014

Wrapped up in Rhapsody

The Rhapsody Event has opened it s doors last saturday  and you can find both well-knows designers
and newcomers displaying their work around the theme of  music and show-business.
I found an unusual high number of pose creators participating in the event
and I thought this was nice. For me it`s great fun to hop on those posestands and 
get inspired by the seemingly endless creativity of posemakers.
For a fashion photographer like me poses are a vital thing in order
to present fashion but it s also true that I dont have my roots 
in the fashion world of SL but rather 
in clubbing and dancing.

So if you re also into clubs and all kinds of music the Rhapsody event is
something for you.If you want to know
what else is available you might want to check out the

The poses you see here are from Grafica Poses
The Creator behind the name is Alyx Aerallo, also a very talented photographer and great stylist. 
Check out Alyx´s  Flickr too :)

Grab your cab to the Rhapsody event
and have fun discovering :)


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