27 Jul 2014

Colours that occur

Life is a constant learning process. When I was growing up I used to think
 I d only have to reach the age of 18 to be a real grown up person. Having reached the age of 18 
I thought: once I ll reach 24 I will have that model figure I always wanted to have and once I m 30 
I ll know enough to finally be as good in my job as I thought I d have to be in order to be contend with myself.
Today at present time while looking back I realize that life is not supposed to be perfect. Not at any age.
And even when you achieve a lot in life and plan it well and luck has it that things turn out the way you 
like them to, there will always be something left that keeps pinching your cheeks 
and makes you think life should be better than it is.
I know it s time to relax and be happy with how things are.

"candelaria" sweater/ mavma
lamp / Trompe Loeil
 harem pants / Tentacio

hair / analog Dog (@ hairfair2014)

But what has all this to do with today`s post? I looked deep into my inventory and found some nice
forgotten items of the past. And instead of hunting forthe newest releases 
to present here on my blog I m showing "oldies but goldies".
Hope you like some of them :) 

left: summer nights cardigan / tokiD.
Middle: cardigan ancient / songwah
right: wool cardigan /colourme H.O.F.

suit: Ison
all shoes/ Fri.day

New opportunities show itself these days to me and they
have their roots in the past.
I ll pick them up where I left them off knowing
things were good then. And things are good today.

Have a nice sunday everyone :)

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